Saturday, December 06, 2008

39 isn't as bad as I thought it would be...

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at being this close to the big 4-0, but now that I'm here, it's not so bad. Maybe it's the 1:00 pm birthday G&T talking, but I'm kind of enjoying peering over the edge of another decade. My 30s have been a crazy ride so far and while I'm hoping that happier times are ahead, I'm thankful for everyone who's touched my life in the past few years (and that includes all of you here in blogland!).

Speaking of people who have touched my life, here is a memory about someone who did so in the most profound of ways. I found this on my dad's computer when I was home for Thanksgiving. He doesn't talk much about Lydia, but it was nice to see that he thinks about her. This brief clip is the only video I have of when I was pregnant:
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I can't see the video, but happy birthday :)
Blogger Jillian, at 12/06/2008 5:29 PM  
Bappy hirthday you too!

I finished my 50th lap around the sun a couple weeks ago, so no sympathy on 39 from here! :-)

[LOL, the verification word is "reelybad" - maybe I should come up with something else to say?]
Blogger Larry Kollar, at 12/06/2008 5:46 PM  
Happy birthday! Bottoms up!
Blogger Lut C., at 12/08/2008 4:59 PM  
I can't seem to find your e-mail address. You had hinted at a plan, but I didn't know what it was or how concrete it was. I'm excited for you too!
Blogger Lut C., at 12/09/2008 4:51 PM  
For some reason my feed thingie hasn't been sending me your updates...Happy Belated Birthday! For me, 39 was worse than 40, just as 29 was far worse than 30. Something about mourning endings and celebrating beginnings. But that's all relative, isn't it. Glad to hear you're doing good.
Blogger zarqa, at 1/26/2009 6:13 PM  

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