Monday, July 17, 2006

Sanity restored

Just wanted to let you all know that after scraping the bottom mood-wise, I have since managed to pull myself together a tad. (Of course, if you've already sent the emergency brownies and margarita mix, I wouldn't turn them away!) I had a nice long online chat with an overseas friend of mine, which helped to distract me and also get me thinking about some new creative outlets into which I can funnel all of my frustrations. I also had a nice long bath and gave myself a facial. If I were more of a girl (and had more than $2.49 in my purse), I would have taken myself into the salon for "the works". It would have been a good day to be introduced to the mysterious world of waxing. I tried giving myself a home wax once (I only tried it on my shins, thank god) and it didn't work at all. I'm guessing the salon has special spa wax or something that actually removes hair, as opposed to just the skin between one's hair follicles, as was my experience.

Anyway, after waking up in a near-suicidal fog, I'm feeling much better now. Maybe there is something to positive internet vibes... I wish I could take your collective advice and take a little getaway, but our budget is tighter than Oprah's underpants right now, so unfortunately that is out of the question. But maybe dinner out (there's a great cheap Indian resto nearby) or something. I've been a bit loathe to leave the house for any length of time since the break-in, but fuck it. There's nothing left to take! And I've proven that they can't even take my piece of mind. I'm keeping it safe and sound in my jar of leg wax.
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Too bad they didn't get that wax. I'm glad you got some pampering. I know when we had our break in a few years ago, I felt so violated. We ended up moving a year later because we just never felt safe again. I remember seeing my underwear drawer open with all of my unmentionables all over and thinking I could never wear them again. Just made me want to puke that some strange man had his hands on my underwear. Gross.

Glad you're feeling a bit better. I'll send you some martini stuff if you still want it though!! ;)
Blogger MB, at 7/17/2006 7:07 PM  
No got martinis, but rum & coke (hold the coke) at my place. Daughter Dearest will be there to make sure ahem you won't try to take advantage. :-D
Blogger Larry Kollar, at 7/17/2006 8:35 PM  
This is maybe a stupid idea, but when we had our break-in earlier in the year i really wanted to get a dog. (it was effectively a foiled break-in, they did get into the house but quickly set off the alarm so they fled -- so nothing like what are having to deal with). Dh veto'd the dog until our house renovation is more done but i have already made my list of rescue groups to contact etc. as soon as he agrees. One does feel more secure with an animal in the house.

I am glad you are feeling a little better...
Blogger kate, at 7/17/2006 8:56 PM  
Glad to see your sense of humour is restored!
Blogger grumpyABDadjunct, at 7/18/2006 9:42 AM  
Yum, Indian food!
Blogger Lut C., at 7/18/2006 5:22 PM  

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