Friday, July 08, 2005

Déjà vu

Waking up yesterday morning and hearing the news about the terrorist bombings in London brought me back to how I felt on 9/11. Thankfully this latest attack was on a much smaller scale, but as we have close friends in London (who take public transport everyday) and we had just been there a couple of weeks ago, the story seemed very close. I was rather anxious until I got word that my friends were safe and sound. I spent the day listening to the BBC and NPR, waiting for news about the perpetrators and casualty numbers, even after it was apparent that most of the relevant information had been dispersed in the first few hours. By the end of the day, reporters seemed focused on how London commuters were getting home, stopping passersby and getting them to talk about their homeward journeys, often involving walking around for hours trying to find a cab or a bus that was functioning. By then it was obvious that the city would survive, Londoners being the tough lot that they are. Life goes on...
:: posted by Ann Howell, 9:21 AM


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